.STORE success story

.STORE success story

The 21st century is marked by the appearance of numerous new TLD (top-level domains), such as .xyz, .site, .space, and many, many others. Their sheer number and overwhelming diversity is confusing, to say the least.

But what about results? Let’s look at some graphs.

New TLDs overall statistics

This is a timeline of all new TLDs. You can see the strong growth at the beginning followed by a plateau stretching across more than half of the graph. That’s not a bad result; it shows some consistency and slight overall progress as well.

Here is another one:

.SHOP overall statistics

These are .SHOP results. Well, honestly, the pattern looks almost the same: robust growth stage is followed by a plateau with slight progress. The first stage indicates clear market demand, and the second – satiation and normalization.

And another one before we get back to the main topic:

.XYZ overall statistics

Here comes the new TLDs flagship, domain zone .XYZ. That hump in the middle is a crazy 1-penny registration period, which apparently didn’t last long. If you erase that part, you will get a really dreamlike picture. It would be nearly perfect: sustained and steady increase without any significant deviation. There is no real market satiation; it continues to grow steadily even now.

And what about .STORE? Let’s see…

.SHOP overall statistics

Huh? Isn’t it perfect!?

Yeah, that’s a graph to awe any investor. How come .STORE has such incredible sustainability? Where is a plateau? It’s similar to .XYZ graph (without that unnatural surge), but .STORE rate of growth seems increasing. Why is it so?

The mystery of steady growth is quite simple. It is still the first phase, there is no market satiation yet. Demand is obviously high, but there is a limiter in the form of fairly high renewal prices (up to ten times higher than other new TLDs) and this cut out most of domain resellers and one-day websites. This policy proved to be remarkably effective. Then… why is it in such high demand?

Get.store highlights several main benefits of this TLD. Names in this zone are:

  • Short
  • Relevant
  • Brandable
  • Recallable
  • Memorable

Although ‘memorable’ and ‘recallable’ should actually be regarded as a part of ‘brandable’, these promoting slogans have a point. Generic TLDs, such as .COM or .NET, are completely ignored in URL nowadays out of habit. It’s too… generic, you see. And that allows new TLDs to shine. To strengthen relevance you can use name like somebrand.store, and to enhance brand perception that .store part could be used as an element of brand itself.

There are other benefits of new TLDs, but let’s not repeat all those countless slogans and arguments, even if they are true. What I’d like to emphasize is a truly unique feature of .STORE.

It is positive image.

Because of registrar price policy there is almost no garbage and spam websites in the zone, just because it’s not economically feasible. Companies that choose .STORE are generally well established and have some confidence in the future. Those companies form the environment. The environment of success, trust and faint elitism, which in turn increases further demand.

If this tendency holds, in a few years .STORE will become one of the most commercially successful new top-level domain zones.

Volf Dmitry (02/12/2021)

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