Soovenir. Do you think it’s just a typo? No, it’s a huge opportunity!

There are benefits in using generic words as a name of a business and website. But do you remember even one successful brand using it? I bet you don’t. It’s no wonder, actually. Those domains are incredibly expensive, hard to get, and almost impossible to support by trademark. Last but not the least, generic word is too generic, it lacks authenticity! It generates traffic but not brand awareness!

To build a successful brand is a hard task. And it all starts and relies on a single name.

Now, look at this domain again. It is infinitely close to a dictionary word, whether speaking of spelling or pronunciation. But due to having a tiny ‘flaw’ it magically gets rid of all the above mentioned shortcomings. It IS authentic and one of a kind. It IS possible to get a corresponding trademark. I don’t even have to speak about its price. That double vowel is acknowledged sign of good brandname as well, so it really hard to call it a ‘flaw’.

Isn’t it what you call “a perfection in imperfection”?

As you can guess, this domain name is not hard to get at all. It’s on sale right now but… This name can only have one owner. Hurry up! Don’t miss this huge opportunity!


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I like this domain! How much?


I saw an installment plan, how about a guarantee. When can I use this name for my website?

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