This name is really brilliant. A small suffix creates a grand brand name with numerous applications. Want to make sure?

This is a place, where wallets clash with metal sounds every second, and brockers struggle to get another cent or leave the circle dejectedly. It’s an arena, a place to earn glory and money!

Welcome to Investoreum, Investor Coliseum (Colosseum)!

Pens are squeaking, diagrams change one another on the board, and confident voice floats across a large hall. Eager eyes of the audience are glued to the professor’s figure. Here, in the Investor Lyceum, everyone will find his/her own way and solve the eternal problem: what to do with money? Be it investor, brocker or business angel, without decent skills and knowledge there is no way to do well in this chaotic and fast paced world.

That’s why Investoreum exists!

What about museum? Or even mausoleum? There are countless words like that, and each one could be the basis of your future brand! You can choose any of them, but remember! There is only one in this world!

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